The Applications section provides access to custom designed applications combining data and value-added functionality intended for specifically targeted user groups.

Name / Description Details Start Application Fee
Candidate PNA Map Viewer - Displays the name, location, and size of existing and candidate protected natural areas More Info Free
Coastal Erosion Data – online map application providing access to the provincial coastal erosion database More Info Free
Find Address - search and find an address in the Georeferenced Civic Address Data Base (GCADB) and display the address location on a map More Info Free
Flood Hazard Mapping - The New Brunswick Flood Hazard Maps display inland and coastal flood hazard mapping for New Brunswick and includes both the current and the projected conditions by the year 2100 More Info Free
Flood Information - Display areas along rivers that have an increased risk of flooding More Info Free
Forest Vegetation Management Program - Map showing the location of areas proposed for silviculture herbicide treatment during the months of August and September. More Info Free
GeoNB Coordinate Transformation Service (CTS) - an application for transforming coordinates between the common datums and map projections used in New Brunswick. (It is a replacement for the "NB GeoCalc" software) More Info Free
GeoNB Map Viewer – a general purpose map viewer for New Brunswick More Info Free
Grant Reference Plan (GRP) Viewer - online map application to provide access to the crown grant reference plans and the crown grant document index More Info Free
Local Government Election Viewer – maps supporting Local Government elections More Info Free
New Brunswick Control Network - access information related to the conventional control survey network and GPS based infrastructures used to derive coordinates in New Brunswick More Info Free
Oil and Natural Gas (ONG) Viewer - displays location of leases and licenses for petroleum exploration and production, as well as wellheads for the oil and natural gas industry More Info Free
PLANET - SNB's Land Registry and Mapping Services More Info Fees
Property Assessment Online - A Property Assessment public information map viewer for New Brunswick More Info Free
Protected Watersheds - displays locations of protected watersheds on top of GeoNB base maps More Info Free
Protected Wellfields - displays locations of protected wellfields on top of GeoNB base maps More Info Free
Recreation Infrastructure Planning Tool (RIPT) - access to mapped recreation facilities, demographic data, property assessment data, and spatial analysis tools to assist in the planning of the province’s built recreation and sport infrastructure. More Info Free
River Watch Mobile - The River Watch Mobile app will display flood forecast data as a simple bar chart and run on any platform. The bar charts can be accessed from a list of flood forecast locations (communities) or by selecting a location from a map. More Info Free
River Watch Tool - a visual synthesis of forecasted flows and monitoring observations in the Saint John River Basin. It provides awareness of potential flood risks and encourages residents to be prepared for flooding events More Info Free
WAWA Reference Map - displays locations of wetlands, watercourses, and water bodies on top of GeoNB basemaps More Info Free