River Watch Mobile

Application purpose: To provide mobile friendly access to flood forecast data for the Saint John River Basin.

Application description: The River Watch Mobile app will display flood forecast data as a simple bar chart and run on any platform. The bar charts can be accessed from a list of flood forecast locations (communities) or by selecting a location from a map.

Application functionality:
  • Display list of forecast locations
  • Display map of forecast locations
  • Display bar charts of forecasted water levels
  • Sort list of forecast locations
  • Save a forecast location as a "My Favourite Location"

Data requirements: Flood forecast data in XML format prepared by the Department of Environment and Local Government

Data update frequency:
  • Flood forecasts are issued during the March to May period of the Spring Freshet and at other times of high water
  • Flood forecast frequency is controlled by JPS and ELG but it is dictated by how quickly the water levels are changing
Responsible Agency: Service New Brunswick