Flood Information

Application purpose: The Flood Information tool provides:
  • Awareness of the areas at risk of flooding
  • Support for improved decision-making for activities and development in flood prone areas
Application description:
  • Display recorded / historical flood polygons on top of GeoNB base maps
  • Overlay flood polygons with property maps and civic addresses data base
  • provide descriptions of the flood data
Application functionality:
  • Display a disclaimer
  • Search for a particular property, address, or location
  • Display flood risk areas and control transparency of flood risk areas
  • Display descriptions of flood risk areas
Data requirements:
  • Department of Public Safety (DPS) Flood data from 2008 orthophotos
  • Department of Environment and Local Government (ELG) flood data derived from Flood Damage Reduction Program (FDRP) maps
  • GeoNB base maps, property maps, civic address database
Data update frequency:
  • DPS and ELG FDRP data is static and does not need updating unless DPS or ELG makes improvements to the data, update as needed
  • Additional flood data may be produced in the future
Responsible Agency: Department of Environment and Local Government