Oil and Natural Gas (ONG) Viewer

Application purpose: To give the public access to information on ONG activities in New Brunswick. Users can easily determine if there are ONG license or lease holders and/or ONG activities in their community.

Application description:
  • Displays Leases, Licenses, and wells for the ONG industry in New Brunswick. Data is displayed over GeoNB base maps
  • Users can search the ONG data
  • Users can click on lease polygons or wellheads to get details.
Application functionality:
  • View, query, and search ONG data
  • Find specific properties, locations or addresses within New Brunswick
  • Measure distances and areas
Data requirements:
  • ONG lease polygons,
  • ONG license polygons,
  • ONG wellhead locations
  • GeoNB base maps, property maps, civic address database
Data update frequency: ONG data is read directly from a server managed by the Department of Energy and Resource Development (ERD). Updates to the data are managed by ERD.

Responsible Agency: Department of Energy and Resource Development