Coastal Erosion Data

Application purpose:
  • Provide access to coastal erosion data produced by the government, academic institutions and consultants
  • Present the local, regional and provincial trends in coastline and shoreline displacement
  • Raise awareness on the evolution of coastal cliffs, dunes, beaches and marshes over the past decades
  • Raise awareness about coastal erosion risks, potential loss of natural habitats and damage to infrastructure
Application description:
  • Display location of coastal erosion measurement sites using coloured dots on top of GeoNB base maps
  • Display information on coastal erosion measurement sites, the methodology used and results, using pop-up windows
  • Display a disclaimer message about the production of coastal erosion data and potential sources of errors
Application functionality:
  • Search for a particular property, address, or location along the coastline or shoreline of the province
  • Click on the nearest dot indicating the location of a coastal erosion measurement sites to open an information window
  • Read each page of the pop-up window to get the coastline or shoreline displacement rate for each historical period
Data requirements:
  • GeoNB base maps, property maps, civic address database, coastal erosion database.
Data update frequency: The provincial coastal erosion database will be updated on a yearly cycle.

Responsible Agency: Department of Energy and Resource Development