Protected Watersheds

Application purpose:
To provide:
  • a "graphical" representation of designated watershed protected areas
  • awareness of the locations of designated watershed protected areas
  • easy access to watershed data and additional information on the watershed regulation

Application description:

  • Display the location of designated watershed protected areas on top of GeoNB base maps.
  • Provide descriptions of watershed areas and links to the watershed regulation
  • Provide data on the physical characteristics of a particular watershed

Application functionality:

  • Search for a particular property, address or location
  • Display watershed data and control transparency of watershed polygons
  • Display description of watershed data
  • Display disclaimer

Data requirements:

  • Protected watershed polygons
  • GeoNB base maps
  • Property maps
  • Civic addresses

Data update frequency: Update as new data becomes available.

Responsible Agency: Department of Environment and Local Government