Flood Hazard Mapping

Application purpose:
  • To provide awareness of areas at risk of flooding
  • Support improved decision-making for activities and development in flood prone areas
  • Reduce the cost and impact of flood events.
Application description:
  • Display flood hazard polygons on top of GeoNB base maps
  • Overlay flood polygons with DPM and GCADB
  • provide descriptions of the flood data
Application functionality:
  • Display disclaimer
  • Search for a particular property, address, or location
  • Display flood rasters and control transparency of flood rasters
  • Display descriptions of flood data
Data requirements:
  • ENV Flood Extent rasters from flood mapping projects. Includes current condition 5% AEP and 1% AEP, and climate change 5% AEP and 1% AEP, as well as a climate change HHWLT.
  • SNB Building footprints and property map
  • GeoNB base maps, DPM, GCADB
Responsible Agency: Department of Environment and Local Government

  • Flood data comes from two departments – DPS and ENV
  • Responsibility for aspects of flooding is split between two departments
  • Possible user confusion between DPS Riverwatch Application and ENV Flood Widget, as well as older flood information widget
Primary User: The public, flood responders, insurers, land use planners