Data Catalogue
Data Catalogue

Data purpose: To provide provincial coverage of ground surveyed peatlands and promote the use of several associated geoscientific tabular databases.

Data description: The peatland geodatabase consists of polygon entities that depict the perimeter of individual peatlands and point entities that locate field sample sites. Basic attribute data is provided including data that can be used to link the geographical information to several published geoscientific databases.

Update requirements: As needed

Restriction on use: Unrestricted

License: Open Government Licence

Georeferencing: datum - NAD83(CSRS), map projection - NB Stereographic Double, (EPSG 2953)

Data formats: ESRI file geodatabase, ESRI layer package, ESRI shape file

Data coverage and size: Provincial Coverage, 8 mb

Responsible Agency: Department of Energy and Resource Development (ERD)

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