Data Catalogue
Data Catalogue

Data purpose: To support the WAWA program at Department of Environment and Local Government and alert primary users to the location of regulated wetlands and possible restrictions on land development. The wetlands map is intended for planning purposes only. The wetland boundaries are only approximate.

Data description:

  • Provincially Significant Wetlands (PSW): Wetlands having provincial, national or international importance (i.e. species at risk, coastal wetlands, unique forested wetlands, some floodplain wetlands).
  • Other Wetlands: Various wetland types: Freshwater marsh, aquatic bed, bog, fen, forested wetlands and shrub.
Update requirements: Yearly

Restriction on use: Unrestricted

License: Open Government Licence

Georeferencing: datum - NAD83(CSRS), map projection - NB Stereographic Double, (EPSG 2953)

Data formats: ESRI file geodatabase, ESRI shape file

Data coverage and size: Provincial coverage, 155 MB

Responsible Agency: Department of Environment and Local Government

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