Data Catalogue
Data Catalogue
NTv2 Grid Shift Files

Data purpose: To support and standardize coordinate transformations in New Brunswick and promote the use of the official datum - NAD83(CSRS).

Data description: Grid shift files for use with an NTv2 algorithm. The grid spacing is 30”. Supports transformations in New Brunswick between datums: 1. NAD27 and NAD83(CSRS); and 2. ATS77 and NAD83(CSRS).

Update requirements: No updates required

Restriction on use: No restrictions

License: Open Government Licence

Georeferencing: datums NAD27, ATS77, and NAD83

Data formats: NTv2-type Binary grid shift file with filename extension “.gsb”

Data coverage and size: Area bounded between 48.5 N and 44.0 N latitude and 69.5 W and 63.0 W longitude. File size is approximately 13 mb.

Responsible Agency: Service New Brunswick

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