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Data Catalogue
New Brunswick Health Council Community Boundaries

Data purpose: The NBHC Community Boundaries were developed by the New Brunswick Health Council (NBHC) for the purpose of data collection, analysis, and reporting regarding health services quality and population health in New Brunswick.

Having information available for these specific geographies help with New Brunswickers understanding of local realities regarding health services quality and population health in New Brunswick.

The NBHC has divided the province into 33 NBHC communities to be able to report local information. These community boundaries, created in 2011, are based on the catchment areas of health care service establishments such as health care centres, community health centres, and hospitals in New Brunswick. The NBHC communities were further validated with various community members to ensure communities of interest were respected as much as possible for all areas of New Brunswick.

The baseline criteria for each of the 33 NBHC Communities are:
  • Statistic’s Canada census subdivisions (CSD) as the geographic base,
  • each community fits completely within 1 of the 7 health zones* boundaries,
  • where most people access their primary care services in the area,
  • population size of no less than 5,000 to ensure data availability and privacy for the various indicators.

* These health zones are as established in the Regional Health Authorities Act, Schedule A. They are administrative areas that represent the geographic area of responsibility for regional health authorities

Data description: Provides a provincial coverage of 33 NBHC communities. All communities are groupings of municipalities (Census subdivisions). The following NBHC communities have been modified since the last version:

  • Neguac, Alnwick, Esgenoopetitj Area
  • Tracadie and Saint-Isidore
  • Shippagan, Lamèque, Inkerman Area
  • Bouctouche, Richibucto, Sainte-Antoine Area
  • Salisbury and Petitcodiac
  • Shediac, Beaubassin East and Cap-Pelé

Attributes: Community number, Community name (short name, long name and full name), Health zone number

Update requirements: The next revision of the NBHC Community boundaries will be done in 2024.

Restriction on use: Unrestricted

License: Open Government Licencee

Georeferencing: datum - NAD83(CSRS), map projection - NB Stereographic Double, (EPSG 2953)

Data formats: ESRI file geodatabase, ESRI shape file, KML

Data coverage and size: Provincial Coverage

Responsible Agency: : New Brunswick Health Council (NBHC)

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