Data Catalogue
Data Catalogue
Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

Data purpose: To provide a digital model of the terrain for the Province of New Brunswick.

Data description: A digital terrain model (DTM) is a digital representation of elevations throughout the Province. DTM files contain elevation mass points, check points, spot heights and random densified points. The spacing between the elevation points is approximately 70 metres and the absolute vertical accuracy of a single elevation point is approximately 2.5 metres. The elevations are expressed as metres above mean sea level.

Update requirements: As new data becomes available.

Restriction on use: Unrestricted

License: Open Government Licence

Horizontal datum - NAD83(CSRS), map projection - NB Stereographic Double, (EPSG 2953).
Vertical datum – Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1928 (CGVD28)

Data formats: XYZ ASCI text file

Data coverage and size: Provincial Coverage, 850 MB

Responsible Agency: Service New Brunswick

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