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Data Catalogue
Atlas of New Brunswick - Digital Edition

Data purpose: The "Atlas of New Brunswick - Digital Edition" features preformatted and georeferenced pages that display up-to-date topographic data for the province of New Brunswick. These pages are updated once a month with the newest versions available for the featured data.

Data description: The "Atlas of New Brunswick - Digital Edition" contains over 2000 maps across two scale levels (1:30,000 and 1:150,000). These maps can be viewed in their digital format (PDF) or they can be downloaded and printed. All maps are formatted to be printed on a tabloid sized page (11" x 17"). Printing on a different page size will distort the scale of the maps. An index of featured place names is also included which is updated weekly.

Update requirements: Monthly

Restriction on use: Unrestricted

License: Open Government Licence

Georeferencing: datum - NAD83(CSRS), map projection - NB Stereographic Double, (EPSG 2953)

Data formats: PDF

Data coverage and size: The 1:30,000 and 1:150,000 scale maps can be up to approximately 30 MB each; The 1:150,000 map book, which contains all 100 of the 1:150,000 scale maps in order and additional documentation is 1.5 GB in size.

Responsible Agency: Service New Brunswick

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