More About Service New Brunswick

Service New Brunswick (SNB) is a corporation owned by the Province of New Brunswick with a mission to improve the delivery of government services to the public. SNB has four lines of business:

  • We operate New Brunswick's real and personal property registries, from which we provide land and personal property information services to the public;
  • We assess all lands, buildings and improvements in the province and operate the property assessment and taxation system jointly with the Department of Finance;
  • We provide a gateway to more than 200 government services to the public and operate SNB TeleServices (Call Centre);
  • We maintain the province's survey control network and topographic mapping system.
SNB provides services electronically and through a network of service centres located throughout the Province. We process nearly 4.5 million transactions a year and SNB TeleServices fields more than 293,000 calls per year.

SNB is market-driven. Its services are provided commercially. Its regular clientele includes provincial and federal government agencies, municipalities, lawyers, surveyors, appraisers, realtors, financial institutions, utilities, engineers, consultants and resource-based industries.

Services to the public include a wide range of geographic and land information products and services, and access to over 200 government services we provide on behalf of various government departments and agencies.

SNB is dedicated to customer service, customer consultation and customer satisfaction.

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