Licences and Permits

SNB sells the following licences and permits on behalf of several government departments:

  • Harvesting Permit for Crown Land (Tipping permit)
  • Burning permits
  • Compressed gas, welders, stationary engineer licences
  • Dog licences (non-incorporated areas)
  • Driver abstracts
  • Driver licensing services
  • Electrical and plumbing licences
  • Film distributor licence
  • Fishing licences
  • Gasoline licences
  • Guide permit renewal (hunting & fishing)
  • Hunting licences
  • Liquor licences
  • Lottery permits
  • Marriage licences
  • Motor Vehicle Oversize and Overmass permits (trucks)
  • Special Events licences (liquor)
  • Special Occasion permits (liquor)
  • Tobacco licences
  • Transfer of Meat and Game permits
  • Trapping licences
  • Vehicle Dealer licence
  • Video distributor licence
  • Video retailer licence

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