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The Office of the Rentalsman constitutes an alternative dispute resolution Program for residential tenancies in New Brunswick. The Office of the Rentalsman administers The Residential Tenancies Act providing information to landlords and tenants by telephone, on the Internet, in person, or by mail. The Office of the Rentalsman is also mandated to resolve tenancy disputes primarily by mediation and, if not possible, by adjudication.

Established service standards represent the level of service that we are aiming to provide to our clients. Please note that residential tenancy issues remain cyclical in nature and therefore service response may be delayed during peak periods.

Language of Service

We provide service in both official languages – English or French – online, on the telephone, and in all Service New Brunswick centres across the province.


You can access the http://www.snb.ca/irent Web site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to the wealth of information, you can also manage your security deposit and submit requests for assistance directly online.

You can communicate by email with the Office of the Rentalsman at IRENT@snb.ca.


Landlords and tenants can receive information from Monday through Saturday (excluding statutory holidays).

    General Inquiries

    You can call 1-888-762-8600 Mon. to Fri. 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. local time, where your call will be answered by a TeleService agent. The agent can answer your general residential tenancy questions.

    Subject matter expertise

    In the events that your request requires subject matter expertise, you will be contacted by an Office of the Rentalsman representative within one business day. Questions concerning open cases will be answered by subject matter experts but not necessarily by Rentalsman.


You can access any Service New Brunswick centers located across the province. To find a Service Center near you, visit our Web page, check your local blue pages, or call 1-888-762-8600.

Core services

The Office of the Rentalsman strives to meet the following service standards. These standards apply to eligible applicants who have submitted their completed application forms, including all required supporting documents.

  Objectives 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014
Online Access - We provide online access to obtain tenancy information and manage security deposits
% Availability - Information and transactions 99% 99%    
Online transactions 45% 27,1%    
Calls - We provide more convenient and extended hours of services
Calls answered or returned by subject matter experts within one business day (note 1) 90% 99,1%    
Core services - We provide efficient and timely services
A Rentalsman decision, including disputed claims, mailed out in 45 days (note 2) 85% 92,2%    
Volumetric information        
Security deposits remitted   13,446    
Requests for assistance   1,621    
Security deposit refund requests   10,559    
Claims against the security deposit   4,951    

Notes1 - The Office of the Rentalsman will leave a message or attempt two call backs.

Notes2 - Tenancy issues involving other departments may take longer to resolve.

Security Deposits Refunds and Claims – Service Standards

Normal processing time (up to) for undisputed security deposit refund applications and claims, from the end of tenancy date or date the application was received (whichever is the latest date):

Channel Security Deposit Refund or Transfer Applications Security Deposit Claims
Using PDF form entitled “Security Deposit Refund Agreement” 10 days 10 days
Online 20 days 30 days
In person, by mail or fax 30 days 35 days

Please note that during our peak season (April to September), our normal processing times may vary from the above standards.

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