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The Office of the Rentalsman has recently made changes to the delivery of services for clients in an effort to provide a more effective and efficient service to New Brunswickers. Leveraging Service New Brunswick's information delivery network to provide residential tenancy information and forms to clients allows the Office of the Rentalsman to focus its effort and expertise on managing security deposits and resolving tenancy disputes more efficiently to the benefit of all clients.

The following channels are now available to clients throughout the Province:

New Brunswick's Residential Lease

  • New Brunswick`s residential lease has been reviewed. More than a tenancy agreement, the residential lease provides key information to tenants and landlords. It is now possible to save Residential Lease in a PDF format.


  • Our Web site provides residential tenancy information. Forms are available for download and/or electronic submission.>A Good Place to Start
  • The Office of the Rentalsman staff can be contacted via email at We strive to answer clients' emails within three (3) business days.

Over the Telephone

  • 1-888-762-8600 (TOLL FREE). TeleService agents are standing by to provide generic residential tenancy information. In the event that agents cannot answer your question, a representative from the Office of the Rentalsman will contact you; we strive to return calls within one (1) business day.
  • The Office of the Rentalsman maintains a dedicated line to facilitate communications with clients that already have an open case. To ensure we can efficiently assist these clients, a code is required to access this line.

In person

  • Service New Brunswick is providing generic residential tenancy information and forms over the counter in all service centers across the province.
  • Scheduled appointments with the Office of the Rentalsman are available upon request.

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