Vital Statistics

Bundled Birth Service

As a new parent, the Bundled Birth Service provides an easy and efficient way for you to access government services related to the birth of your child. When you complete the birth registration form given to you during your hospital stay, you can also apply for the following services:

  • The baby's Social Insurance Number (SIN) with Service Canada; and
  • Canada Child Benefits (CCB) with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
Bundled Birth Service Options

Registering the birth of your baby and accessing related government services has never been quicker or easier.

Complete Birth Registration Form (Mandatory, No Fee)

Every birth in New Brunswick must be registered with the New Brunswick Vital Statistics Branch within 14 days. A birth certificate cannot be issued until your baby's birth has been registered. When you complete the birth registration form, you can also apply for any of the following services, in one, easy to use application.

Apply for Your Baby's Social Insurance Number (No Fee)

It is never too early to apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for your baby. The SIN is a nine-digit number that is needed to work in Canada or to access government programs and benefits. With a SIN, you can start saving for your baby's education through such programs as the Canada Learning Bond, Registered Education Savings Plan, or the Canada Education Savings Grant.

If you choose not to apply for the SIN during the birth registration process, you must apply directly through Service Canada. Your birth certificate and your baby's birth certificate may be required.

Apply for Your Baby's Canada Child Benefits (No Fee)

To qualify for Canada Child Benefits (CCB), you must be the biological mother of the baby and a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada and primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of your child. If you consent to apply for CCB, the necessary information will be sent electronically over a secure network to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) who will determine your eligibility for:

  • The Canada Child Benefit (CCB);
  • The GST/HST credit (for your baby); and
  • Any related provincial/territorial programs administered by the CRA. 

If you choose not to apply for these benefits during the birth registration process, you will need to apply separately through the Canada Revenue Agency. A copy of your baby's birth certificate and other documents may be required.

For further information about this service, go to Automated Benefits Application on the website.



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