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Residential Tenancies Tribunal

I am a Tenant - Eviction
Payment of Rent:

Can I pay my rent late?
No. It must be paid on the agreed date. Your failure to pay rent on the date due would allow your landlord to commence eviction proceedings.

What is a late payment fee?
If the tenant fails to pay the rent when it is due because the rent cheque bounced, the landlord may charge a late payment fee. This fee can be up to the amount of the bank charges for the bounced cheque.

What can the landlord do if I haven’t paid the rent?

What can the landlord NOT do if a tenant hasn't paid the rent?
The landlord cannot:


How can I be evicted from my premise?
You can be evicted from your premise for some of the following reasons:


Only a Residential Tenancies Officer or a Judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench of New Brunswick has the authority to evict a tenant from any rented premises. A Sheriff will only act under the order of a Residential Tenancies Officer or Judge to carry out an Eviction Order.

A landlord may not:

These activities are Offences under the Residential Tenancies Act.

Can I be evicted by my landlord for complaining to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal?
No. The landlord also cannot raise the rent immediately following a complaint as a way to get rid of a tenant. If this happens, you can file a Tenant’s Application for Assistance with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal along with the Notice received within 15 days of being served with the notice and a Residential Tenancies Officer will assess the case.

If I’m evicted, can the landlord throw away or keep my belongings?
The landlord cannot throw them out or keep them. He/she must inform the Residential Tenancies Officer, who will decide what to do with them. The Residential Tenancies Officer may contact the tenant to arrange an opportunity to pick up the belongings.

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