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Residential Tenancies Tribunal

I am a Landlord - Landlord Responsibilities
Landlord Responsibilities

What are the landlord’s responsibilities?
The landlord must:

Additional responsibilities apply to landlords of rooming houses and boarding houses.

Additional responsibilities apply to landlords of mobile home sites.

These tips will help you earn and keep the respect of your tenants:

What are the rights and obligations of landlords of rooming and boarding houses?
Landlords of rooming and boarding houses have the same rights and obligations as other landlords with two exceptions:

What are the landlord's obligations for a mobile home site?
The landlord must:

What can the tenant do if I’m not fulfilling my obligations?

Note: In an emergency, the tenant can contact the Residential Tenancies Tribunal immediately, without going through the procedure mentioned above.

Can the tenant stop paying rent if the landlord is not making repairs?

Where can I find additional information on my responsibilities?
Please consult the Bulletins under the Forms & Resources section.

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